Working Papers

  1. Belief in Hard Work and Altruism: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment (with Sule Alan) [under review] Paper

  2. Personality, Group Decision-Making and Leadership (with Mehmet Y. Gurdal), ERF Working Paper No. 1227 Paper

  3. The Effect of Information on Gender Differences in Competitiveness: Experimental Evidence (with Balazs Szentes), ERF Working Paper No. 1104. Paper

  4. Social Comparisons and Optimal Information Revelation: Theory and Experiments Paper

Work in Progress

  1. An Economic Approach to Curiosity: Measurement and Correlates (with Sule Alan)

  2. Can Female Role Models Improve Occupational Aspirations? A Randomized-Controlled Intervention (with Sule Alan and Nergis Zaim)

  3. Group Decision-Making Under Risk: Evidence from Children (with Sule Alan, Yigit Gurdal and Elif Kubilay)

  4. The Effects of Exposure to Competition and Performance Feedback on Gender Differences in Competitiveness (with Sandra Maximiano)

  5. Rubinstein Meets Abraham: An Empirical Study of Sequential Offer Bargaining During the Festival of Sacrifice (with Burak Dindaroglu)